Special train between Bangalore and Tirunelveli

South Western Railway has started a weekly Special Express train service between Bangalore City and Tirunelveli from November 11.
According to a press release, Train Nos. 06515/06516 will make three trips between Bangalore City and Tirunelveli in each direction as per the following details.
Train No. 06515 Bangalore City – Tirunelveli will depart Bangalore City at 6.45 a.m. on Sundays and arrive at Tirunelveli at 7.30 p.m. on the same day.
En route the train will arrive/depart Bangalore Cantonment at 6.55 a.m./6.57 a.m.; Hosur at 7.55 a.m./7.57 a.m.; Dharmapuri at 9.21 a.m./9.23 a.m.; depart Omalur at 10.40 a.m.; Salem at 11.15 a.m./11.20 a.m.; Erode at 12.20 p.m./12.40 p.m.; Karur at 1.40 p.m./1.45 p.m.; Dindigul at 2.55 p.m./3.05 p.m.; Madurai at 4.05 p.m./4.10 p.m.; Virudunagar at 4.48 p.m./4.50 p.m.; Satur at 5.13 p.m./5-15 p.m.; Kovlipatti at 5.13 p.m./5.15 p.m. and arrive/depart at Vanci Maniyachchi at 6.08 p.m./6.10 p.m.
In the return direction, Train No. 06516 Tirunelveli – Bangalore City will depart Tirunelveli at 11.15 p.m. on Sundays and will arrive at Bangalore the next day at 1.10 p.m. En route the train will arrive/depart Vanci Maniyachchi at 11.49 p.m./11.50 p.m.; Kovlipatti at 00.18 a.m./00.20 a.m.; Satur at 00.38 a.m./00.40 a.m.; Virudunagar at 1.08 a.m./1.10 a.m.; Madurai at 3.00 a.m./3.05 a.m.; Dindigul at 4.10 a.m./4.15 a.m.; Karur at 5.30 a.m./5.35 a.m.; Erode at 7.25 a.m./7.40 a.m.; Salem at 8.30 a.m./8.35 a.m.; depart Omalur at 9.15 a.m.; Dharmapuri at 10 a.m./10.02 a.m.; Hosur at 11.10 a.m./11.12 a.m. and arrive/depart Bangalore Cantonment at 12.08 p.m./12.10 p.m.

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